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At Bizzy Boys students create their own product line, and learn business skills which include, how to speak about their product, sales, marketing, cost , profit, branding.

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All lessons are project based, so students are learning through action, role playing and creative workshop time.

Students will also learn to open and run their own ecommerce store on our secure marketplace for young entrepreneurs.
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We began offering entrepreneur and empowerment camps in 2014.
Our sister  company Bizzy Girls has held over 160 camps welcoming many returning and new students each year.                                                                 
Our Bizzy Boys camps have grown due to the requests of moms and brothers of our students who wanted to join in on the fun!
All of our teachers are licensed and accredited. They attend our training programs and take great pride is helping each student leave with newly found confidence and skills.
For more information on our girls programs and to see videos and additional information, please visit
We have recently built BIZZYSTREET a marketplace for tween and teen entrepreneurs. It features safety measures not available in any other marketplace, including the ability to only sell to people you know.                              
​This  platform allows young entrepreneurs  to have their own store, webpage, practice running their own business and earn while they learn!